Web Designer Salary

Introduction to the Web Designer Salary

Web design is an expansive business across the globe, offering its service to any applicable customers anywhere who require them. Because of the ease of transactions these days, people can get paid for their web-based services from one country to the next. Online pay services like PayPal can actually convert one currency form into another. As such, it is a lucrative business for any Web design company to make a profit in other areas – and more importantly, a Web designer may find the perks of applying their knowledge in an online outlet to be handsome and rewarding.

Anyone wishing to make a salary with this business needs to have the proper knowledge though, including everything having to do with how to create a website, and a certain adaptability to the fast-changing environment. As demand for different things increase, this can impact the salary of someone who is disciplined to working in a certain environment or profession. Consider these things as salaries are discussed.

Web Designer Salary: United States

Web Designer Salary

Web Designer Salary

The United States is the largest distributor and exporter of technical goods. The Bureau of Labor Statistics did a report on the earning potential for this career path, and it ranged anywhere from $51,750 to $74,520 per any given year. This is for the bare minimum Web designer.

Getting in company positions of things like project management and assistant design direction will make more than that. In fact, design directors themselves can make up to $80,000 each year. The average hourly rate is $25 to $50/hour for inexperienced designers, but professional ones can acquire significantly more than that. This is excellent money for designing websites.

Web Designer Salary: Europe

The Web designer salary in Europe is not quite as potentially lucrative as a related profession in the United States, but the market certainly does exist and thrive in Europe-based locations. The projected income for a senior Web developer from Europe is about €1600-1800, depending on where you are. The average designer makes anywhere from €830-1650. The range for these depend greatly on the amount of work that each designer has. Web-based software developers can net themselves €4370-5000. Working in a company requires considerably more work, but the pay is substantial. Senior Executives can make anywhere from €7200 to €27000, but this depends largely on the size of the company and other factors.

Web Designer Salary: India

It is much more difficult to find high-paying jobs in India, so often people who are proficient at their craft will seek to gain employment in other locations. Some web design companies allow this, given that the people working in other countries are good enough. Nevertheless, the projected salary for Web design jobs based in India is between Rs 75,921 and Rs 412,477. Regular designers make the least, interface visual designers make more, front-end developers make pretty good money, and senior designers make great money. When in doubt, check around for outsourcing jobs to other places. Even if you do live in a less technological place like India, the Web designer salary can be an attractive one, and a person with enough dedication can certainly make a living from it.

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